I was born and raised in Rochdale, England and have lived there ever since. Being a true home bird I now reside on the same street I grew up on with my parents a few doors up and my sister and family a few doors down. I live with my husband, four little shi- oops, I mean children, rescue dog, Pippa and our cats, Rosie and Daisy.

When I’m not locked away playing with my imaginary friends I can usually be found running around and picking up after the kids (and husband!) and being the all-round house slave. Oh… and if my kids ever ask I moonlight as the Pink Power Ranger.

Now for the things that make me me! I like to do things a little different, so instead of boring you with a tonne of paragraphs – here’s some fun facts instead!

1. I am a tattoo-a-holic

2. I am a Pepsi Max-a-holic

5. I am a potato-a-holic – mashed, chipped, baked, roasted, boiled…I NEED them in my life

6. I like saying a-holic

7. I don’t like even numbers

8. I can’t eat with metal spoons. Not for a medical reason, just because I’m weird.

9. I have a filthy mind and an even filthier mouth (make of that what you will 😉 )

10. I’m allergic to exercise

11. I am a Twihard and PROUD

12. I am a Gleek and PROUD

13. I love One Direction and I am not so proud

14. Music makes me happy

15. I swear way too fucking much

16. My favourite colour is purple

17. Haken is my maiden name. My married name is Wall, and let’s face it, that’s a shit name

18. I identify as a unicorn

19. I like making lists

20. I whine a lot

21. I worry a lot

22. I obsess a lot

23. But I’m fun, I promise!


So there you go. That’s me :-)



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