Goodbye 2016! Well, Almost…


So I had this big, fancy, end-of-the-year blog post planned, which is a big deal because I never remember to update my blog! But then my MacBook decided to die (inconsiderate b*st*rd) and my new one won’t be here until January. ARGH! Therefore, I’m attempting to write this on an app on my phone that […]

Favourite Reads of 2015 and ***GIVEAWAY!***

Don't trust the cut

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE EVERYONE! Not only is today New Year’s Eve but it’s also my birthday, so I thought I’d celebrate with a giveaway!   First things first, I have read some amazing books this year and discovered some new-to-me MM authors who have taken my stalker tendencies into serious overdrive. I’ve looked back […]

Getting Back to Business

Taming Ryder_500x750

Over the last few months a few people have commented on the fact I don’t seem to be on social media as much as I used to be. That’s when it hit me I wasn’t doing as good a job as I thought of trying to be myself. I’ve been putting off writing this, in […]

Why did you switch to M/M?

This is one of the questions I get asked the most, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to update the blog! I’ve had a good few people say they’re sorry I’ve switched to M/M because they loved my M/F books so much.The truth is, I haven’t ‘switched’ necessarily. I’ve always written what […]

Interview with Jamie Lake

NEW M/M BOOK SERIES: ‘BAD BOY’ BY JAMIE LAKE If you’re looking for a new gay romance series to check out, you might want to consider Jamie Lake’s new series Bad Boy. I had the chance to interview Jamie about Bad Boy and why it’s so different than most m/m books you might read. Was […]

One must know one’s Britishisms!

It seems my British characters are confusing some of my readers across the pond! Although people have still enjoyed reading my books some have mentioned that they’ve had to stop and Google every now and then 😀 I have to admit, I’ve done this with some unusual American words and terms before, and I think […]