This is one of the questions I get asked the most, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to update the blog!

I’ve had a good few people say they’re sorry I’ve switched to M/M because they loved my M/F books so much.The truth is, I haven’t ‘switched’ necessarily. I’ve always written what I like to read therefore just because I’m writing M/M at the minute, doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. I’m pretty sure by the time I’m old and grey I will have written a little bit of everything, because you guessed it, I like to read a little bit of everything! This leads me onto something I came across in a review once that got under my skin a bit. Okay so that’s a lie, it actually made me really pissing mad!

“This is the reason M/F authors shouldn’t write M/M.” 

So this person didn’t like Being Sawyer Knight and that is completely fine. Every author knows (or should know) that not every book suits every person. The thing that riled me was that comment. When I write M/F I’m writing a love story, when I write M/M I’m writing a love story…if I were to write a dino porn book I would be writing a love story. And don’t worry, I know I said I like a bit of everything but I promise you dino lovin’ is not in my future! Love is love. Surely it doesn’t matter if the main character is devouring ‘his thick cock’ or ‘her damp folds’? I guess what I’m trying to say is, if I write a rubbish story then leave a review based on the story and not what gender my previous characters were!

Similarly, I saw a review of another author’s book once which said “Authors should choose a genre and stick to it”. Why? I’m proud to be a genre crosser! I honestly think if I spent the rest of my life writing in only genre I would get a little bored and my stories would dry out. Much the same as if I said to myself “Right, I’m only ever going to read New Adult from now on”. When I read I tend to go through phases. I’ll have a couple of months being addicted to New Adult, then I’ll read an erotica and can’t get enough. Then I might come across an M/M or a paranormal and they will take over for a while. It’s exactly the same when I write. I like to mix things up and keep things fresh. So no, I will never choose one genre and stick to it because I have too many different stories bouncing around in my head!

Finally, and I can’t even remember where I read this one, I just know that I did! I once saw a comment from someone who said if you’re going to switch genres then you must choose a different pen name. Again, why? I completely understand why some authors choose to do this – maybe they have different audiences for different genres and like to focus on one at a time. I get it. I have a bunch of readers who only read my M/F stuff and another bunch who only read my M/M. But I also have an even bigger bunch of readers who read both. For me personally, I’m proud of everything I write and want everyone to know which books I’ve written. I like being able to connect with everyone at the same time and so far, so good! So really my argument is no one should say you have to use different pen names for each genre – just that you can if you want!

The moral of the story is…I haven’t ‘switched’ to anything. I’m writing the stories that are in my head and right now that’s M/M. But I have a tonne of stories just itching to get out – more M/F, a couple of dark ones, and I even have the stirrings of a paranormal in there somewhere! So if you don’t like what I’m writing right now, stay with me peeps! I’m sure there’ll be more on the way of what you love!

Oh and as a last note….. IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!! <3 

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